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Warnie Sayings

Here is a page for all the Sayings coming from Warnie in this Summer of spin. If you hear any I don’t get, add them in the comments. If you have a video or an audio file of it, that would be fantastic as well

Summer of Spin Website

  • Beats watching old blokes on the beach
  • ohhh, I’d love a Chicken Tika
  • Mans not a Camel, how about a VB?
  • Just can’t seem to put my finger on it, but there’s something missing from the Aussie team this summer
  • Sweet as a nut boys, Sweet as a nut
  • Hey Buddy, how long since this place has had a good clean
  • Beans please
  • Hey Punter, Did your misses dress you this morning
  • Can’t bat, Can’t throw, Can’t Bowl! Told you it wasn’t me
  • Forget about the pitch report, how about the Fridge report
  • Australians all let us rejoyce for we all love VB
  • Giv’em curry boys, Giv’em curry
  • Offf, I think the beans just kicked in
  • Hey Boony, Save me a spot on the mantle piece
  • Hey Boony, Got any Nachos?

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  • Mans not a Camel, how about a VB?

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  1. “Why are people so unkind?”

    “Carn the Sainters”

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