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Audio Sayings – 1st ODI – AUS vs IND

Here is a list of the sayings for the First One Dayer of the summer and Warnie’s official debut. The Sayings are listed and you can hear them by clicking on the play button on these web players:

  1. Why are people so unkind:
  2. Oh Yes, Nice one brother:
  3. Woh, I think the Baked Beans just kicked in:
  4. Hey Punter, did your misses dress you this morning:
  5. Give’m curry boys:
  6. Bring Back Daryl:
  7. Beats Watching Old blokes on the Beach:
  8. Mate, What are these magazines under the coffee table:
  9. Run Forest Run:
  10. Hairs looking good Clarky:
  11. Back in the Kitchen Haydos:



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