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Warnie hits back at Critics!

Today marked the beginning of the CommonWealth Bank One day series featuring not only Australia, India and Sri Lanka but also the only appearance of Warnie (in Figurine/Doll form that is) during the summer. And to my mind it wasn’t the greatest start. The sound wasn’t that great or clear. I had a lot of traffic to the site especially to my article that su071224-0807-40suggested that this years campaign wasn’t up to scratch. There was some great comments with the best coming from Neil:

Mine seems to be speaking a different language. Can’t understand what it is saying, sounds like its been drinking too much VB and wants to sleep it off!!!

But Warnie didn’t take it lying down! He (figurine form) hit back with this comment (come to the site if you are reading this else where and there isn’t a player below):

Boony (Doll) fired right back with this comment for Warnie:


We will see what happens in the next few matches.


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