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Is it just me, or is this years Campaign stalling?

071224-0806-21I haven’t blogged on here for a while and I was trying to work out why! Is it that I haven’t had time? Somewhat, there has been Christmas, New Years, School holidays and then me being on holidays travelling. Maybe, but I think its more a point of the way that the campaign had been run this year.

There has been some nice editions to the whole Campaign by adding Desktop Widgets and some extra competitions, but I think they dropped the ball. There has been plenty of advertising on the Cricket. Most of the sight screens around the country have had Warnie’s characture  on them and lots of the boundary fences as well.

071224-0803-23The problem I see is that my Warnie figurine that has sat on my cupboard since I got it in December has done nothing! Not only that, but I can’t make it do anything either. Lasts years Boony/Beefy dolls where fantastic (and still are. Often I joke to the wife, “what would Boony say about this”, I then press his button and get a comment) in that firstly the random comments went off for things like Melbourne Cup, Queens Birthday, Christmas, New Years, etc. This meant that you always kept Boony and Beefy around to see what they where going to say and when they would say it.

Warnie, to my knowledge, hasn’t said a word yet! The Cricket season seems like it is almost over. The Indian test series is on its last day. The T20 match between the T20 World Champs, India and the One Day World Champs, Australia is on this Friday and then we start the One Days and Warnie Comes to life.

Also the package claims that we are back to having the communications kicked off from signals kicked off from the TV but I am hoping that this isn’t the case or at least it isn’t totally based on the TV interaction as the first dolls where plagued by problems with this interaction but did seem to go off on a timer.

So this years doll/figurine has been the best looking but worst yet. Lets hope they continue the campaign next year but return to the button operation of the Boony/Beefy dolls.


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