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I’ve ordered my Warnie, have you

Just thought I would update everyone that from December 1st the Warnie figurines are available from the VBWarnie.com.au site. Part of this story is that the “Specially Marked” Summer of Spin VB cartons have hit the liquor stores and come with a code that gets DSC00281you your Shane Warne Figurine for $19.95. I still believe that you will be able to get them in store but full details of this aspect haven’t been released.

As the title says, have already got in and put in my order for my Warnie. You should do the same as you never know what he might be saying this year!

On another note, I found tonight that people are already selling codes and figurines on eBay at possibly jacked up prices. If you are going to buy a code or a Figurine from eBay, please do some home work and make sure your not being ripped off.

Have fun and more to come soon.


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