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Battle of the Backyard Cricket Games

Online games are often a fun way of killing some time and the VBWarnie site, Summer of Spin, has got a couple of games of its own. The first interestingly enough is a Backyard Cricket game. The idea of this game is to hit the ball in the middle bat after the Great man bowls it. You get runs (singles, doubles, etc (wonder if the game is adapted from a Baseball game)) and see how long you last. Pretty simple and a bit of fun.

The interesting thing is that Ford are running with a backyard cricket theme themselves and also have a game. You choose from two teams and then decide on your batsman. You get 5 overs of 6 balls to get as many runs as possible. I should have mentioned that you first choose 6 object and get differing runs for hitting them. Of course you get six for hitting it over the fence (it Bill Lawry’s Backyard) but disappointingly your not out (as normally is the case in backyard cricket (okay, in the context it wouldn’t make sense)) but lose 2 runs if you get bowled.

Personally, I prefer the game play of the Ford game, but some of the comments from Warnie on his game are worth the play. Find below a video with me playing a little of each of the games.Let me know in the comments which you prefer.


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