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Summer of Spin site open for Business

warniesummerThis week the VB Summer of Spin site (VBwarnie.com.au) that is the home of the Talking Warnie Figurine (apparently he doesn’t like being called a doll). Most things are on hold until December 1st, but you can do something’s:

  • Grab some alerts for your mobile in the Download -> Mobile
  • Grab a screen saver for PC or Mac from Download -> ScreenSaver
  • Play a couple of games – Armchair Bowling and Backyard Cricket
  • The shop is open
  • You can grab Wall Papers for your computer from Download -> Wallpapers

On top of all this, Warnie is on the main site giving some comments, doing a little dance every now and again. On top of this, there is a score box as well.

I will list some of the things coming in a future post.


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