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Warnie and Murali make up or no issue at all!

The two greatest bowlers of all-time are back on speaking terms after working out the communication problem. The problem started when Warnie’s mentor, Terry Jenner, put forward that he thought that Murali should be made to prove his action in a Test match rather then in simulated environment:

If Muralidaran is going to be the greatest wicket-taker of all-time, if he’s going to take the record off Shane, who is 100 per cent legitimate, then test him in the field of play,” Jenner said. “I’m sure with the technology available today, that could happen.

And if the ICC tests him in a Test match situation, and he comes up below the 15-degree figure (the permitted flex range for spin bowlers), then we can all sit back and rejoice in what we watch.

Jenner demands Murali match assessment | Herald Sun

Warne had some comments in an article he wrote, supporting his former mentor:

Speaking of Murali, I agree with Terry Jenner that he should be tested under match conditions. I’m sure he is sick of it all, but it would be well worth the exercise and hassle. I think for his own peace of mind and everyone in world cricket, do the testing in the heat of battle — a Test match. Surely the ICC, Sri Lanka and Murali would want that.

Let’s test Murali in a match, says Shane Warne | Herald Sun

Murali followed up with some words of his own on Warnes comments:

He said yesterday that he was “very disappointed with what he (Warne) said” and the Australian “must be a miserable man in his life”. “Maybe he just doesn’t want me to pass his record,” said the Sri Lankan spinner, who needs seven more Test wickets to overtake the retired Warne’s world record tally of 708.

Warne and Muralidaran all smiles | Herald Sun

But by yesterday the guys had got together for the unveiling of the Warne-Muralidaran Trophy, named in there honour and played for in Test Series between Australia and Sri Lanka, and sorted out their differences.

Here is a video contersy of Ninemsn’s fine Video section on the meeting and press conference:

Warne and Murali are good mates


Shane Warne and Muttiah Muralidaran slam talk of a feud.

So the guys friendship will go on and I am sure that Warnie will be one of the first to contact Murali when he finally does break his record. Wonder if the Warnie Figurine will make any comment on Murali. Probably not as he isn’t here for the One Days (I don’t think).


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