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Exclusive: How to get your Warnie Doll!

Okay, I have been keeping my ear to the ground and now have the rough conditions and methods of getting your Warnie Doll for this years summer of cricket! Here is what I have so far:

  • The Promotion will run from the December 1st (1/12/07) through to January 28th 2008 (28/01/08) or while stocks last
  • You must purchase in one transaction two Cartons of VB products marked with the “VB Warnie Summer of Spin” logo to receive a “Gift”
  • The Gift is a Talking VB Warnie doll valued at $35
  • There are at least 50,260 Figures to be given away and each participating outlet will have at least 20
  • If asked, the person receiving the doll must participate in instore promotion (i.e. Photographs, etc)


So there you have it. There may be more ways of getting a doll but this is what I have for now. Hopefully later tonight I will have more details on other promotions/competitions that are running as part of the VB Warnie Summer of Spin!

UPDATE (15/11/2007): Seems that this might not be the only way to get win. From my info, you will also be able to use codes from the cartons to get him for $19.95, a limited number will be available for full price from the website (get in early) for $39.95, and a number of other competitions. It also may be the case that my early information was wrong, they won’t be available in store.


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