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This would be music to Warnies ears – VB Stubby Symphony

VB, Fosters and Carlton are known for their ads and VB especially are know for there famous theme. So what would happen if you had the 90 members of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra try to play it on only beer bottles. Well the question has been answered and here is the proof, the Stubby Symphony:


So this will hold us over well we wait for Warnie to make his way to the screens as the face of VB in this Summer of Spin. They even have added a User generated content aspect to the campaign as reported on by the news.com.au website:

Web users are being encouraged to submit their own films using VB stubbies, with first prize being 52 cases of beer.

The ad was distributed this week to a list of 40,000 users who subscribed to the Boonanza website last year.

Source: VB hits the right note with orchestra



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