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In Warne, Out Boony

Well as you can tell from this blog, VB have retired the great man, Boony  from doing the Talking Doll this summer and replaced him with another great man, Shane Warne. Boony had a two year run with him originally flying sole and only going off in certain time windows and mostly needing an audio queue. This brought a great interest in hacking the dolls trying to see how they worked and seeing if the could be made to go off on queue.

Last year, Boony was join by English larakin, Ian Botham. The guys behind the Dolls also seemed to understand the frustration of the dolls going from Talking Doll to Silent Statue once the cricket finished, they last year added a button on each of the dolls and made them talk to each other as well. Weekly there was a new group of sayings and once the cricket started and was on, they talked to each other and had there own things to say that was expanded over what they said in the past. Shortly after the cricket finished, all the sayings were unlocked and the boys would say there own sayings and talk to each other.

This year, Warnie steps up and has huge shoes to fill. We don’t know exactly what will be the features of this years dolls, but we know:

  • Warnie spent 4 hours in a studio in London recording sayings for the Doll
  • He will be sitting on a Couch
  • It will only be for this years one day series

So thats the first part of the Warnie story for now. Don’t forget to check out the Cricket News aggregator for Cricket News and don’t forget to check out the blog for stuff about the Cricket this summer!



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